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フィード コメントフィードを購読すればディスカッションを追いかけることができます。




I'm really really sorry for you dear >.< But this year really is a hard year. I also had no high hopes this time >.< Hopefully next year will be better again!


Sorry to hear that ;___;

This year is hard, I spent a fortune on ONE STUPID TICKET. T__T
Next year, everything will be better?


thankfully their performance @ music lover can cheer up little bit <3 (refrain, kya <3). not mention their con goods this year sooo cute xD
thanks dear :)


now i'm ok xD (after massive shopping of their con goods), i really think you'll enjoy this year con, i've read the report and it seems this year con is also as good as last year :D. enjoy your con dear ^__^/


eeh, so you get a ticket this year? I'm happy for you :D please send my kiss to sho <3~~ hope next year will be better (or at least not too expensive like this year, so even if i cant get one i still can buy via ticket.co.jp ;__;)


I am late to reply, sorry. Did sent tons of kisses for you, but they might not have reached him? Anyway, it was fun.

And kind of frustrating afterwards, because she said the scalpers outside were offering the tickets for 30 000 / 40 000 in the end << So you might consider to go anyway? Maybe for a later venue?

I just read VOX will be closed down, and I was wondering if you are using any other blog like livejournal or something? I would like to keep in touch =D